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About Us


Who We Are

Ubricoin is a blockchain Technology for Global Health Ensuring Universal health access for you and your loved ones.

Ubricoin will help create a system for solving the three fundamental problems in healthcare: lack of access to health services, poor quality of health services and high cost of health services. Therefore, Ubricoin will be used:

  • To facilitate and support Ubrica  Online retail Store Soko Janja aimed at activating local economy.
  • To support design, development and construction of Retail Clinical Centers
  • To support design, development of Science and Technology Parks adjacent to Universities.
  • To support the design, development and implementation of a Biomedical Industrial city.
  • To build a system of excellence in the health and education sector.


    To become the source of hope for people excluded from access  to health.


We believe in a future where everybody has access to health products and services.

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Our Skills
Ubricoin boasts diversity in healthcare and e commerce.
Programming 80%
Digital Marketing80%
Community Development80%
Human Engagement 80%
Knowledge creation80%
Entropy of Information80%
Our Mission
To build an ecosystem for excellence in life science , health and education through the following projects.

Ubrica Online Store, sokojanja.com


Ubrica Retail Clinical Centers(URCC)


Ubrica Science and Technology Parks


 Biomedical Industrial City


Global Health Coin

Ubricoin supports a health project aimed at solving the three fundamental problems in health care in developing countries.: Lack of access to health services, poor quality health services and high cost of health services.

Smart Reward System

 The smart reward system will involving rewarding actors in the communities. The actors will therefore, be motivated to work towards the betterment of the community. We strive to create a health conscious community that rewards people who provide valuable contribution to education and knowledge in lifescience and health. Through the smart reward system, we will see a rise in emergence of new knowledge and solutions to most vexing issues in health.

Activating Local Economies

Ubricoin will activate the local economies in developing countries through the online store, Soko Janja. Ubricoin will be used as a payment gateway and as an incentive to facilitate peer to peer trade.

Quality of Knowledge

Developing countries do not have access to good quality education, products of research, and professional services. Much worse, they are not at the forefront of commercialization of research knowledge. Ubricoin reward program involves creating incentive programs to reward excellence in education, research, innovation and practice.



Engaging Fringe Stakeholders

Ubricoin will engage fringe stakeholders and include the unbanked  in the financial system. Ubricoin will bring financial inclusion and freedom of money to local communities in developing countries.

Wealth Creation

Ubricoin gives people an opportunity to create wealth by trading using Ubricoin for profit and using Ubricoin as collateral to borrow money.

Ubricoin will also be used in trade of goods and services. Ubricoin will increase sales especially for early adopters.