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Ambassador Program

World Ubricoin Ambassador Program

World Ubricoin Ambassador Program is a community participation program. We will get representatives of various regions in the world as ambassadors. The ambassadors have a responsibility of getting people of their region to work together.

The ambassador is the voice and the face of Ubrica. They act as a lynchpin between Ubrica, the community and Ubrica projects which include Soko Janja, Ubrica Retail Clinical Centers (URCCs) and Ubrica Science and Technology Parks (USTPs).

Role of Ambassadors

  • Familiarize  with UBRICA’s mission, vision and goals
  • Educate potential clients about UBRICA, its projects and Ubricoin
  • Building rapport with clients and prospects
  • Monitoring community feedback and escalating concerns to UBRICA office
  • Maintaining a positive image of the brand at all times

Chapter Committees and their Duties


Chapter committees are charged with carrying out the annual and long-range goals of the Chapter based on the three Pillars of Operation. The president-elect, president, and immediate past president should work together to ensure continuity of leadership and succession planning. Whenever feasible, committee members should be appointed to the same committee for three years to ensure consistency. The president-elect is responsible for appointing committee members to fill vacancies, appointing committee chairs, and conducting planning meetings before the start of the year in office. It is recommended that the chair have previous experience as a member of the committee. Standing committees should be appointed as follows:

  1. Committee on Chapter Administration. This committee should conduct activities associated with the effective operation of the Chapter.
  2. Committee on Membership. This committee should develop and implement a comprehensive plan for the recruitment and retention of members.
  3. Committee on Public Relations. This committee should develop and implement plans to provide the public with information about Society of Ubricans and to promote the Chapter’s entrepreneurial leadership ventures and activities.
  4. Committee on Health. This committee should conduct activities associated with improvement of health of Chapter members. The committee must liaise with the State Department of Health, health providers and advocacy groups to find solutions for health problems for members.
  5. Committee on Housing. This committee should conduct activities associated with helping members obtain affordable housing, by working with local lending agencies, government sponsored housing programs and mortgage providers in the region.
  6. Committee on education. It should conduct activities associated with raising awareness about how to use UBN for scholarships to pay for good schools for members seeking to go further their education, whether at the elementary level, secondary level, University or even at the doctorial level of education. The committee should also ensure that all members and their children get the best education available in the region.
  7. Committee on Youth Affairs. This committee should conduct activities associated with youth. The committee should make sure that Ubrican youth remain focused, and not engaged in crime. Ubrican youth must continually focus on education and professional development.
  8. Committee on Social Affairs. This committee should conduct activities associated with activities that bring to good social upbringing. The committee focuses on social matter happening in the immediate community. Examples include weddings, baby showers, graduation ceremonies, birthday events, etc.
  9. Committee on Transnational Migration. This committee should conduct activities related to migration and resettlement of relocating members in their new destination countries.


A chapter is a group where we have members from a particular community. A chapter will be made of at least 13 people from a specific region.

The main reason of developing chapters is from our understanding that knowledge is specific, and solutions to a certain problem should be specific. We know health is very poor in Kenya, but also we know other regions are worse than others. Coming up with a solution for all will be going against our principles.

Each community have strengths and weaknesses so prescriptive interventions will not work. We talk of sustainable one health and in this theory a prescriptive intervention is not sustainable.

Community members knows better than people from outside that community. So a chapter in a specific area will be able to come up with solutions that are relevant and fit for that particular community considering what is locally available and what and their specific needs.


The basic Unit of the Ubrica Project

Ubrica Chapter is the basic Unit of the Ubrica Project. A chapter is akin to a biological cell, with constituent cell membrane, cyptoplasm and organelles in the intracellular matrix. The cell membrane is quite porous to allow knowledge to pour in and out of the cell. Knowledge will actively flow from regions of high concentration to low concentration. Although the knowledge is flowing from high concentration to low concentration, it is met with extremely high resistance, particularly in our high friction economic environment. The inertia in the population means that people do not act unless induced to move. Extremely high resistance to change inhibits flow of knowledge and undermines open innovation. UBN will catalyze the flow of knowledge.

Members of the chapter will constitute the cytoplasm of the cell. The URCC will be the nucleus. A URCC will comprise three critical subnuclear domains. (a) a health clinic, (b) a produce value enhancing workshop, and (c) a retail store. The produce value enhancement workshop will rely for its operations on the flow of knowledge from a University Science and Technology Park locate outside the chapter in the extracellular matrix. Every cell must connect to a University from where it will receive technical knowledge that is pertinent to adding value to produce processed in its workshops.

The retail store will display products manufactured in the value addition workshop. A local retail store could also display products from sister chapters. Products displayed in the retail store will be photographed and the photographs displayed on SokoJanja.com in the extracellular matrix which represents the entire world.